Shield Lands

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Ruler: Count Torren of House Aegis

Landscape: The Shield lands are comprised of gently rolling hills and small stands of thick forest. It’s coastline is rocky, and very steep with few suitable places for ports of any size.

History: Won from the last great orcish armies in The Second Horde War Shield lands are the most recent addition to the empire. Once the boundaries of the county had been set, the largest public works project undertaken by the empire since the construction of the imperial citadel began. The culmination of this project brought forth humanities greatest defense against the green tide in what is simply known as the wall.

Points of Interest:
Shield Hold – Seat of House Aegis, and largest city in the Shield lands.
Aren’s Landing – The only major port city in the Shield lands Aren’s landing is a major trading hub and the second largest city in the north.
The Swell Spire – Once just a military Fort, and lighthouse on the western shore of the Shield Lands. The Swell Spire has grown to become the third largest city in the north.
The Dukes Wood – A forest situated between Aren’s Landing and Shield Hold that was once believed to a part of Northern Wood beyond the wall.
Legion’s Fall Forest – The largest forest in the Shield lands, also believed to have once been apart of the Norther Wood beyond the wall.

Shield Lands

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