Blood, Sweat, and Soil

The Long Walk North

Weapons of a Dwarven make came with the greenskins, but their head came with them, back to Shield Hold. They waste no time in getting the Lord of the keep’s attention, wondering what their next move is going to be. Go North of the Wall, he says, to the Nest. Find out about the Greenskins, their weapons, and this newfound aggression. Some men went missing that way recently, he says. They don’t spend much time wondering why.

They saddle up. Couple days of riding and they haven’t found the missing men yet, but they found their horses. Butchered, stripped for meat, and piled up; two dozen of them if there was one. Problem is, a boar found these horses too, and he wasn’t in a mood to share. Boars come bigger north of the Wall, but lucky for them, a ranger had found that pig in turn. Ugly thing goars the Aegis boy; takes the wind outa him, but its nothing he can’t handle. Afterwards, the ranger introduces himself. Cadwch, of the Nest, he says. Offers to guide them there, taking a shortcut through the woods. They are much obliged. They start in on making a fire, roasting that pig, but its not long before a pair of wolves show up. Wolves come bigger North of the Wall, too, in case you thought the pig was a special case. Unlike the pig, they’re willing to share, long as they get their fill. Ranger strikes the deal, then they leave on well enough terms.

South of the Wall, it’s dangerous to travel at night. Different story up North, as some passing Orcs are more than willing to teach. Greenskins don’t last long, but the lesson is taken to heart, and the five start sleeping in the day. Good thing the ranger came along; without his pappy’s orc eyes, that might not have been an option. He’s just proving himself useful time and again, isn’t he? Then they hear the sound of feet. Lots of feet. The horses are quickly hidden; too valuable a thing to risk in the fight. Using some rope, they climb the biggest tree nearby, and wait.

There the feet come, with twenty bodies attached, making a march toward the Nest. That don’t sit right with those in the tree; they wait for them to get real close, then start letting loose their volleys. They take out the ones with bows quick enough, but a couple of nasty lookin’ ones start to climb up to meet them. Boy from the far South lets some magic fly, sees to it they don’t get far. Greenskins answer that by throwing javelins up into the branches; most miss, and the preacher has an answer for the ones that hit. Aegis boy has that glaive, and puts it to good use; anyone who gets close to him learns to regret it. The orphan and the ranger keep it up with daggers and arrows respectively, not giving the greenskins time to breathe. When its all over, one gets away, but they ain’t regretting it. They’re just hoping the Nest is kinder to them than the woods have been. They’re gonna find out soon enough.

(Kellin’s notes, embellished by Martin)
-Party returned to shield hold
-Party gets a new assignment from Torren
-Party heads North of the Wall
-Party finds evidence of a fight
-Boar finds evidence of the party
-Ranger joins the party post boar fight
-Ranger convinces Dire wolves not to attack
-Orcs attack camp
-Party attacks orc scouting party from the trees
-party reaches outskirts of the nest


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