Blood, Sweat, and Soil

Shield Hold Falls

Upon seeing his homeland under attack Luther lost his better judgement and rode off ignoring the warning of his ally. Ahmed and Kareem followed Luther, but in their haste they missed the orcs and wargs waiting in ambush validating Askalaad’s concerns. The battle ended quickly with Ask and Cadwch arriving near the end of the battle. Shortly after the party saw Shield Hold under siege. Luther knew of a nearby copse of trees hiding a secret passage into and more importantly out of the keep. A few survivors including Torren’s son Eric escaped and headed to Urtuk’s Bane. Luther was given command of two House Guard and decided to make for Aren’s Landing to warn them and hire a ship to take them south. The party marched hard with support from Kareem’s blessings and fought off a group of orcs approaching a holding near the Duke’s Wood. After defeating the orcs and passing word to the residents of the holding they set off again towards Aren’s Landing.

- Shield Hold is under siege, Luther rides recklessly.
- Luther, Kareem, and Ahmed get ambushed, fight’s out.
- The group move around the city to the exit of a secret passage
- The Lord is going down with the ship, his heir is being evacuated
- We were left with no horses and two house guards, set out for Arin’s Landing
- Fought a group of orcs to protect an outpost, told them to haul butts outa there.


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