Blood, Sweat, and Soil

In Defense of the Nest

The ranger’s in for a shock when the five finally do get into the Nest. Place should be bustlin’ with all kinds of folks, at any time of day or night. But children don’t run in the streets, and the craftsmen and farmers have stopped the neighbors. They get told of the evacuation; greenskins are gettin’ more aggressive north of the Wall, and a lot of folks are made nervous by this. Some aren’t: the Nest has stood for hundreds of years, they say. Madness is trying the same thing and expecting different results, it’s said. Guess that wpuld mean any greenskin’d have to be mad to try to take the Nest. Course, I’d have something to say about any plan that relied on the sanity of the Orcs. One of them, sure, but they get dumber and crazier in groups, and the bigger the group, the crazier they get. We’ve got more in common with the greenskins then we sometimes like to admit.

Even then, with only a skeleton crew of soldiers and a handful of stragglers, the five don’t have issue finding a tavern. Food’s not the best, but anything is a welcome change after 4 days of dry boar and cold rations. There’s a large table of soliders, ten of ‘em, having what might be their last meal. Scouts came back, and they’ve spied 60 greenskins at least comin’ for the Nest. Now these 10 ain’t green when it – pardon, they ain’t new when it comes to fightin’ off the local threats, but they recon 6-to-1 is still a tall order. Well, this don’t sit right with any of the five at the table, especially the one who’s be calling the Nest home all this time. They handled themselves well against those odds coming here, after all.

Next day they set out, with the ranger and orphan taking point out ahead. They’re the first to see their targets marching out in the open of the plains. Must be mighty sure of themselves to move so openly at daytime. The five set up at the edge of the forest, high up in a sturdy oak. Second verse, same as the first. These greenskins are a bit more prepared for a siege, however, and they got one ugly brute with them. Ogres, smaller kin to Giants but still impressive, this one was wearing metal from head to toe, and was being lead by chains. Fight starts, and the leader of this bunch shows himself to be talented with the bow. Him and the ranger trade hits, shot for shot. Ranger might have lost that day, if not for the preacher’s devotions. Aegis boy is worried ‘bout the big ugly; if he hits you, heaviest armor in the world won’t be a help. If he hits, thinks the boy from the South. Sets out to blind the thing with his conjurations; takes some work, but he gets it done. The front line breathes a sigh of relief. Ain’t long before their forces are scattered.

They head back to the Nest; looks fine. So none of the greenskins broke through, but that don’t mean the Nest’s soldiers won their fights neither. Soldiers broke into two groups, but they only have time to look for one. Ain’t too long they find them; not enough green left for a siege, but plenty to carry the two living guards back to be slaves in their work camp, deep in the Ashen Scar. The five hardly feel that’s right, and they let their feelings be known. Orphan can’t hold himself back, and charges in recklessly. Takes some hits, sure, but it works out in the end. They revive the captives they’ve freed, and within an hour they’re back at the bar, celebrating with the other survivors.

In the bar, the boy from the South shows the others a scroll he picked off the body of the greenskin’s leader. Seems he wasn’t the real leader after all, but was just takin’ orders from some authority in the Ashen Scar, likely a Giant from the writing. Locals say there’s near on a hundred thousand in there, warriors most of them. Boy reckons if the House Guard is still alive, they’re far behind enemy lines. The folk from South of the Wall agree to head back, get word back of the goings-on in these parts. Ranger offers to guide them back through the woods. Seems he grew fond of the other four; you bond quickly when you travel. Sitting around a fire, arguing fondly over who saved whose life when, with the smell of wood and Southern weed mixing in the air.

Where was I? Oh yes, well they wouldn’t get their chance to tell the Count what had happened. Y’see, what had happened had already found everyone else: same time as the Nest was hit, the Ashen Scar was rising up. That Wall came crashing down faster than anyone had ever imagined; it was made to stand up to a lot of things, but not this. By the time the five had left the forest, fires were starting all over the Shield Lands. The Third War had begun.

-Rangers took party to the nest
-Party spends some time in the inn eating, drinking, and resting
-Party is informed of orcs heading to the nest and agree to help
-Party finds near 20 orcs and an ogre
-Party pulls the old tree trick
-Party defeats orcs and takes spoils
-Party follows ranger tracks to other battles
-Party finds and defeats leftovers from other group saving two
-Party returns to the nest
-Upon hearing orc numbers heads south
-Party discovers the wall’s gate broken and smoke rising in the south

Session 3 ends

Others may elaborate or add to this.


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